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Chinese Crested Puppy

Kennedy Chinese Cresteds

Multi-Champion Bloodline AKC registered Chinese Crested Dogs

Update: September 26, 2011 (Monday):

We are no longer breeding our Chinese Crested Dogs due to our growing family, but plan on turning our popular web site into a useful information site for this great breed in the coming months. Thank you for all of our wonderful new parents who adopted our puppies. We are glad that you are very happy with your dogs and we also are greatful for your continued support of Kennedy Chinese Cresteds.

We are committed to the Chinese Crested breed.  By this we mean we are striving to produce pups that most closely represent the AKC breed standard.  As a biochemical genetic research scientist, I recognize these standards have been derived from human ideals and are human engineered to demonstrate recessive genes.  It is unreasonable to predetermine what a puppy will accomplish in the show ring based on pedigree alone.  I do believe the pedigree is a good place to start.  However, we feel the pedigree should be followed by parents that have a proven track record of producing champions.

Chinese Crested Puppies

We recognize all dogs are deserving of unconditional love from a loving family because that is how we feel about ours.  Please don’t inquire about our dogs with the intention of caging and breeding for monetary purposes.  It is our strong belief that each puppy we are responsible for producing deserves of a loving home at a minimum.  It is our expectation that our puppies will make their mark on the Chinese Crested breed and its history.

We have carefully matched our Crested’s to avoid, as much as possible, any potential genetic issues or problems. Both parents have passed the recommended CERF test and OPTIGEN health tests results are Normal / Clear.  This is our first litter and will be the only litter until we see how well we do in the show ring.  In the future, if we decide to have more than one litter, time between litters will be allowed for the female to fully recover her health.


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